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Sweet Lupines – for Prolupin it is the future protein source!

The future of plant-based protein supply is growing right at our doorstep: the sweet lupine. Its seeds are some of the most protein-rich edible plants around. We recognized that early on – and since then we process varieties of the sweet lupine specially adapted to the requirements of the food industry. Lupines can be used as a premium ingredient for a wide range of products across all market segments. Our LupiPrime protein, with a protein content of more than 90%, forms the perfect basis for cheese and sausage alternatives as well as health food products.

Rich in protein with a neutral taste and a color coming close to the original –
Cheese Alternatives with LupiPrime protein

Unlike animal cheeses from cows, sheep or goats, which are naturally high in protein (> 20 percent), the majority of vegan cheese alternatives contain very little protein so far. Consumers are now increasing eager for the protein-rich advantages of the original.
With a protein content of more than 90% in the dry matter, LupiPrime 90 has a comparatively high share of nutritionally valuable proteins. In addition, the isolate is particularly suitable for the production of vegan cheese thanks to its neutral flavor and light yellowish color.

Best properties/characteristics for high protein health food

With its protein content of more than 90 percent, LupiPrime protein satisfies the requirements of (vegan) athletes as a great basis for nutrition products. The sweet lupine boasts a high-quality amino acid profile and excellent digestibility. The excellent solubility in protein shakes or protein bars is essential for health food products. Compared with flours and concentrates, LupiPrime protein offers impressive advantages in terms of its solubility, emulsifying effect and sensory properties. And in ready-to-drink products such as meal replacements, there is also no heat gelation. Furthermore, LupiPrime protein has barely any taste of its own, which makes it possible to offer shakes, bars and other health nutrition products in a variety of individual flavors.

Easy to process and premium quality for cold cuts and cooked sausages

Just like animal cheese, sausages are often rich in protein (approx. 20 percent) – something not necessarily true of plant-based alternatives. In addition to its high protein content, LupiPrime protein also has an outstanding emulsifying capacity of > 650 ml/g protein. The property of easy processing due to the exceptionally good solubility resulting from the neutral pH value guarantees the production of high-quality plant-based cold cuts and cooked sausages.

According to a study into revenues with vegan foods, the market value of vegan products was around $14.44 billion dollars in 2020 according to Statista. This turnover is forecast to increase to more than $22.27 billion by 2025. The market for vegan alternative foods will thus continue to grow dynamically and offers enormous revenue potential.

However, the production of plant-based alternatives with a comparable texture, taste, consistency and good carbon footprint remains a challenge. We at Prolupin being true LUPINEERS do provide answers to these challenges based on our lupine protein solutions. Discover our portfolio at or challenge us directly [email protected].

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