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Three Robins: Fortified Scottish Oat Milk for Growing Families

Three Robins is a Scottish company producing oat milk that is equally suitable for children and their parents. The brand was founded by Edinburgh-based Karen Robinson, who had discovered that one of her three sons was lactose-intolerant.

After struggling to find an oat milk brand that was nutritionally adequate for children while also being suitable for use in hot drinks, Robinson decided to develop one. Three Robins oat milk resists curdling in tea and coffee and is fortified with calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

The brand quickly saw success, gaining its first retail listing at Findlay’s Grocers in Edinburgh earlier this year. Thousands of cartons of Three Robins are now being produced, with this volume expected to further increase. The brand also plans to launch more family-oriented plant-based products, such as snacks and drinks.

“With a creamy, neutral taste that appeals to kids and a carefully considered nutritional profile, Three Robins offers parents reassurance that switching to plant-based doesn’t have to mean that children miss out,” Robinson told

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Plant-based in Scotland

Last year, a survey by The Vegan Society found that support for plant-based diets was stronger in Scotland than in any other UK nation. 30% of Scots surveyed believed the government should promote plant-based diets to address climate change, while 59% wanted to see plant milks offered in public health initiatives for children.

The country is also home to a growing number of plant-based and cruelty-free companies, including meal delivery service Vegan Wheels and cosmetics brand Beauty Kitchen.

“It is fantastic to see that so many people in Scotland are listening to the science on the impact of dietary choices,” said Louisianna Waring, Insight and Commercial Policy Officer at The Vegan Society.

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