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Veganz Group Expands Site for Increased Production of 2D Printed ‘Mililk’ Oat Milk

Veganz Group AG has taken over approx. 1,000 square metres of new space at its site in Ludwigsfeld, Germany, to expand and increase production capacity for the production of its new milk alternatives from the 2D printer. The space will be developed over the next few weeks and converted for the production of Mililk® products.

This expansion will be accompanied by an optimisation and automation of the production processes, which will enable a daily production capacity of 50,000 litres of Mililk® oat and almond-based milk alternatives to meet the increasing demand.

“I am delighted that we have found an almost perfect solution at our site in Ludwigsfelde to expand the production of our Mililk® milk alternatives, which only started in February 2024 using the innovative 2D printing process, and thus adapt our capacities to market conditions by a factor of 5.

“My special thanks go to the MLP Group team, who have made this step possible for us with their usual flexibility and high level of commitment,” says Jan Bredack, founder and CEO of Veganz Group AG.

Mililk oat milk
© Veganz Group

Funding from the state of Brandenburg

The Investment Bank of the State of Brandenburg recently granted Veganz investment subsidies with which the company is making further investments in production facilities and expanding production capacities at the Ludwigsfelde site. In addition to Mililk®, Veganz’s “meat from peas” line is also produced in Ludwigsfelde.

Veganz announced the launch of its innovative milk alternative in mid-2023. The oat milk alternative will initially be printed as an A4-sized sheet using a 2D printing process. 10 of these A4 sheets produce 10 litres of oat milk. According to the company, the sustainable printing process saves around 88% in packaging materials/storage volume and at least 80% in weight, which has a positive impact on the carbon footprint.

Jan Bredack commented on the market launch: “In less than 12 months, we have passionately brought an innovative product to market maturity with which we will once again change the food industry for good. Our focus: love for the climate, because that’s what the product maximises.”

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