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Veggie Lait’s “First-to-Market” Plant-Based Milk Pods: Necessity Breeds Invention

French company Veggie Lait launched plant-based milk pods last December, aimed at companies such as those in the hotel and restaurant industry to offer to their customers, as well as for individual consumers to carry with them when on the go.

“We are the first company to offer this type of product on the market,” said Flore Pothin, founder of Veggie Lait.

The product is part of a responsible approach and allows it to position itself on the market as a committed brand thanks to:

  • A fully recyclable packaging (including the lid) all produced in France
  • A product that respects animals and the planet, reducing the consumption of cow’s milk which produces large quantities of greenhouse gases
  • The fight against food waste, since the cup has the right amount to bring a little sweetness to hot drinks
  • The opportunity to use vegetable milk in coffee, which is more digestible and better for health

For now, the brand is offering an oat “juice” product because according to some studies, it is the preferred alternative for coffee drinkers. However, the company plans to develop other varieties in the future, reported to include oat juice vanilla flavour, oat juice caramel flavour, almond milk, soy juice, and spelt juice.

After searching, without success, for plant-based milk cups, Flore Pothin then had the idea of creating Veggie Lait to meet this need.

“I’m sitting here… at my desk… I want a coffee, but without milk it’s ‘No way’. I look at my colleague who is taking out a small cup of Regilait milk from her drawer and enjoying her latte… And at that very moment, I say to myself: ‘But here is the solution! I’m going to buy individual cups of vegetable milk that I’ll bring back to the office so I can drink coffee”, explains the founder.

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