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Moving Mountains’ Best Selling Plant-Based Burger and Famous Footlong Hotdog Launch Into Woolworths Australia

Moving Mountains, the pioneering UK plant-based food technology company whose B12 Burger and footlong hot dog are hugely successful throughout the UK, has now launched both products into Australia via an exclusive distribution deal with Woolworths Supermarkets nationwide and Henry’s Burgers in Melbourne.

The B12 burger uses oyster mushrooms and beetroot juice to give the its “bleeding” effect, while the 100% plant-based hot dog has turned sunflower seeds into a vitamin rich and gluten-free hot dog that is identical to its pork counterpart in taste, smell and texture. Both have been made using simple and natural ingredients, specialised machines, and the latest food technology.

Moving Mountains
©Moving Mountains

The products, while vegan, are aimed towards meat reducers who still crave the taste and texture of meat, but may be seeking to reduce their meat intake for health, ethical or environmental reasons. The plant-based Moving Mountains Burger and Hot Dog, are so authentically ‘meaty’ that it can fool even the most committed carnivores, and this writer can attest to the fact.

Moving Mountains was founded in 2016 by UK serial eco entrepreneur, Simeon Van der Molen, who said, “Following our resounding success in the UK and Europe, we are excited to continue our global expansion to offer Aussie flexitarians truly inspiring dishes using the latest food technology. Moving Mountains products have been carefully created using the best  ingredients and the latest food technology to deliver a healthier, sustainable and authentic substitute to meat that is not only good for you, but also our planet.”

The Moving Mountains Hot Dog and Burger are now available from Woolworths Supermarkets nationally. The hot dogs will sell for  $12.50 (includes four hot dogs)  and burgers for $12.00 (includes two burgers).

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