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Nafsika’s Garden Vegan Cheese Launches in Europe and the UAE

Nafsika’s Garden successfully launched in over 500 stores across the US last year, is currently available in eight countries and is set to expand to several more in 2021. The Greek produced brand, headquartered in Canada, now announces its launch into the UAE and European markets.

Founded by Nafsika Antypas, executive producer and host of a TV show called “Plant-Based by Nafsika,” which remains the only leading vegan lifestyle based mainstream television program aired (and on the A&E Network), and is the author of several upcoming books, including, “The Plant-Based Switch” and “Ghosted.”

Nafsika’s Garden reports high demand in North America, for its product line offering plant-based cheeses of several varieties, including smoked gouda, Greek feta, and cream cheese.

Nafsika with Cheese and Greece Backdrop
©Nafiska’s Garden

Antypas says of the products, “Unless you’re missing the cholesterol, you won’t have an issue switching to my dairy-free products.”

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