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Nestlé Expands Production for “Incredible Burger”

The German listing of Nestlé’s Incredible Burger in the grocery trade has the sales figures of the Garden Gourmet patty rise sharply, a few weeks after the start of sales, the company reports.

“The demand is enormous. We have added an additional shift to production at short notice,” says Christian Adams, Head of Marketing at Garden Gourmet. The burger is currently listed at REWE, EDEKA, the hit stores, Tegut, Globus, Bünting & Bela. There are also around 1,500 McDonald’s restaurants offering Garden Gourmet Patties under the name Big Vegan TS.

The Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger is offered as a double pack (226 g) at 3.49 euros (recommended retail price). The patty is completely vegan and consists among other things of soy protein, wheat protein, vegetable oils (rape, coconut), vegetable juice concentrates (beetroot, carrots, paprika). In terms of sustainability, while the production of an average meat burger (150 g) produces around 2400 litres of water, the water footprint of a soy burger of the same weight is around 158 litres.

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