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New Vegan Dietary Trends for 2018

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In recent years, personal dietary choices have become a form of self-expression. New dietary trends quickly gain in popularity, and the market for plant-based alternatives is booming. For vegans, this is good news, because many of the new dietary trends are plant-based. Not only do they make vegan diets more varied, they are also delicious.

Whilst formerly heavily hyped products such as chia seeds or goji berries have fallen out of fashion, new, healthy and often relatively unknown alternatives are always being discovered. Amongst the new products that are emerging as trends for the year 2018 are figs, edible flowers, guarana and mushrooms in powder form.


Figs are the new avocados. They are not only delicious, but also very healthy, making them a real alternative for the breakfast table. Edible flowers make every dish an eye-catcher and also contain many nutrients which can be difficult to obtain. Guarana is a new coffee substitute – it contains lots of caffeine and is one of the most potent sources of energy in the world. Medicinal mushrooms in powder form have long been used in Chinese medicine. Thanks to their healthy properties, they are perfect as a dietary supplement.

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