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NUCO’s Coconut Avocado Mayo: the Only Vegan Mayo to to Combine Coconut Oil & Avocado Oil

NUCO, a brand making a range of coconut based products including oils, coconut cider vinegar, and coconut wraps, produces the only vegan mayo that pairs coconut oil and avocado oil to create a healthy mayo that is beneficial for gut health and offers a boost for the immune system.

Nutritionist and Integrative teaching expert, Keri Glassman, weighed in on Integrative Nutrition’s blog on the topic Coconut Oil vs Avocado Oil.  Glassman’s advice was – don’t choose!  She explains that coconut oil brings the good kind of saturated fat that kills bad bacteria in the gut while improving our intestinal health, and boosts “good” HDL cholesterol. “On the other hand, avocado oil boosts the immune system even more by providing vitamin E, protein, carotenoids, and the bodys’ much-needed dosage of potassium.”

NUCO ‘s Vegan Coconut Avocado is free of eggs, soy, gluten, dairy, canola oil, GMO’s, preservatives and additives. NUCO’s Vegan Coconut Avocado Mayo is made in the United States and is now distributed nationally to hundreds of independent and natural retailers, and can be found in Central Market, Lassen’s, Better Health, and United Markets just to name a few.

For orders, NUCO Coconut Avocado Vegan Mayo is now on and available at certain local brick and mortar stores. For more information and other products, visit, or the Amazon shop



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