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Ojah BV launches Plenti ProFiber, New Texturate for Meat Alternatives 

Dutch company Ojah BV. has launched its latest high-moisture texturate, Plenti ProFiber, which enables manufacturers of plant-based meat alternatives or hybrid products to develop new and improved formulations.

Ojah BV. is known in the industry for its High Moisture Extruded (HME) textures such as “Plenti®” and “Heppi™”, which are already used by successful vegetable meat alternative brands worldwide. With Plenti ProFiber™, Ojah now offers manufacturers new opportunities to develop their own alternative products that can be easily integrated into existing production processes.

Plenti ProFiber is produced by Ojah using the HME process from European soy protein. The protein fibers provide a unique, heterogeneous structure that enables product developers to produce high-quality meat alternatives using simple and existing technology. Plenti ProFiber™ is supplied frozen and is ready for processing after tempering. Mixed with binders and flavorings, this blend is easily processed with standard moulding equipment.

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