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Omakaseed at Plant Bar Bringing Exclusive Vegan Sushi Experience to NYC

Omakaseed at Plant Bar, a new plant-based sushi concept, will open on April 30 to bring innovative vegan sushi to NYC’s NoMad neighborhood. Created by the team behind the successful Sushi by Bou restaurant brand, Omakaseed will offer intimate omakase-style dining, where all of the meal’s dishes are specially selected by the chef.

“Transforming vegan sushi”

Omakaseed is being launched as a joint partnership by NYC bistro Plant Bar, hospitality agency SimpleVenue and the Vegan Warrior Project, an organization that connects restaurant kitchens to plant-based delivery concepts. 

Led by Michelin-starred chef Roberto Romero,  the seasonal sushi menu will feature plant-based Japanese-inspired dishes like Watermelon Tuna with Pickled Kelp, Vegan Nigiri, and Sunomo Style Pulled Oyster Mushroom Salad.

Omakaseed Vegan Sushi

“Each omakase course will incorporate eclectic global flavors,” said Chef Jorge Pineda, Chef at Omakaseed and Executive Chef at the Vegan Warrior Project. “Our menu is carefully curated week by week based on what’s seasonally available and at its peak flavor profile, giving our guests a dining experience that uncovers the complexities of each vegan sushi course, completely transforming the vegan sushi concept.”

Vegan sushi scales up

Plant-based sushi continues to grow in global popularity, with brands like Vegan Zeastar, Ocean Hugger and Current Foods (formerly Kuleana) bringing realistic fish-free sushi to the consumer market. Earlier this month, international franchise YO! Sushi announced an expanded vegan menu in its UK restaurants, including Faux Duck rolls, Mushroom Teriyaki, Loaded Gyozas, and Veggie Volcano rolls. 


Kuleana tuna
Image courtesy of Kuleana

In the realm of cultured and fermented proteins, startups are eagerly vying to launch the first sushi-grade fish made from cultivated fish cells . In January, cultured seafood brand BlueNalu signed with Japan’s largest sushi operator to supply cultured bluefin tuna.  Chicago-based Aqua Cultured Foods has developed whole-muscle fish filets from fermentation, while WildType and Finless Foods are each partnering with chefs and foodservice to sell their cultivated salmon and tuna for the first time. 

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