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Mars Petcare Is Developing Meat-Free Pet Food – Says it is a “Market Opportunity”

As reported by The Telegraph, Mars Petcare, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of pet food, is developing meat-free food for companion animals amid concerns over the environmental impact of factory farming.

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According to the article, Mars is exploring high-protein, plant-based alternatives to beef, chicken, and rabbit for its brands that include Whiskas and Pedigree. A senior source claimed that Mars initially considered making a bid for Quorn Foods before choosing instead to create its meat alternatives.

Pets currently account for one-fifth of the world’s meat consumption. Still, as concerns rise for the environment and the damaging effects of animal agriculture, Mars is anticipating that owners will start to buy their pets vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Mars believes meat-free diets are “expected to extend to pets and is viewed as a market opportunity.”

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