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Meet Petaluma: A Mission-Driven Brand for Sustainable Dog Food

When Petaluma co-founders Caroline Buck and Garrett Wymore noticed a significant market gap for environmentally conscious dog food, they wanted to lead the change. After years of careful research and development, the couple introduced Petaluma in 2021 – a gently baked, nutritionally complete and sustainable dog food brand.

Available in Roasted Sweet Potato and Peanut Butter flavors, Petaluma offers a veterinarian-formulated, plant-based alternative to conventional kibble brands, which typically require intensive use of land and fresh water, and emit excessive amounts of greenhouse gases. 

According to the company, Petaluma’s products use organic ingredients such as chickpeas, sweet potatoes and flax seeds sourced from small farms, and provide all the essential nutrients dogs need to thrive. To develop the product, the co-founders worked closely with veterinarian nutritionist Dr. Blake Hawley to create a balanced formula that required no animal ingredients or testing. 

Plant-Based Dog Food

The brand estimates a golden retriever fed Petaluma each year conserves about 2,600 pounds of C02 emissions, 30,000 gallons of fresh water, and 1.9 acres of farmland.  Petaluma’s products can be purchased online and retails for $34.95 per 5 lb bag and $89.95 per 18 lb bag.

First dog treats

The company also recently expanded into the pet treats market with the launch of Sweet Potato Jerky. A plant-based alternative to meat chews, the jerky offers a single-ingredient snack without the preservatives, salt and sugar typically found in other chew snacks. The sweet potato jerky is also filled with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber that aid healthier dog digestion. 

Petaluma Sweet Potato Dog Treat

Petaluma is Climate Neutral Certified and currently pending B-Corp Certification.  Both the company’s primary dog food line and new treats are part of an effort to help animal lovers reduce their environmental impact. 

“We created Petaluma to challenge the pet food industry’s reliance on animal agriculture, which means expanding the brand beyond our gently baked dog food,” said Garrett Wymore, CEO and co-founder of Petaluma. “The vast majority of conventional chicken jerky is made from poultry inhumanely raised on factory farms, and our new treats offer an eco-friendly replacement made from organically grown sweet potatoes.”

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