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Plant-Based Pet Food Brand THE PACK Announces Planet Organic Listing & Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

UK plant-based pet food startup THE PACK has announced a listing at supermarket chain Planet Organic, which has nine stores across London.

THE PACK’s full range of wet food and oven-baked dried food is now available at all Planet Organic locations, becoming one of very few plant-based pet food brands to be stocked at a UK brick-and-mortar retail chain. The company says the listing represents its increasing focus on an omnichannel strategy.

“We are seeing increasing interest from retailers in listing our plant-based dog food,” said Damien Clarkson, co-founder and CEO of THE PACK. “I commend Planet Organic under the visionary leadership of founder Renee Elliot for re-launching their pet food section and putting plant-based proteins front and centre alongside other established brands. THE PACK has built a passionate base of customers through our direct-to-consumer business and we are now in a position to grow our retail offering with the right partners.”


“Real social change”

THE PACK has also just announced the launch of its first equity crowdfunding campaign on the British platform Crowdcube, with early access now open. The startup previously raised £835,000 in seed funding in late 2022, both privately and through the vegan investment platform Vevolution (founded by THE PACK co-founders Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel).

In November 2023, THE PACK received B Corp certification, claiming to be the first fully plant-based pet food brand in Europe to do so. The news came just two months after the startup launched its nutritionally complete, oven-baked dried dog food, also said to be a European first.

“We understand the power of community to turn ideas into movements and bring about real social change,” said Nadel. “By opening up investment into THE PACK to our customers and the wider community, we are excited to harness the power of those networks to move the idea of plant-based dog food further into the consciousness of the wider general public.”

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