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Plant-Based Pork Sensation OmniPork Lands in the UK

As we revealed in November; OmniPork, the vegan pork alternative which has been an absolute phenomenon throughout Asia, today announces a soft launch into UK restaurants for the first time. The highly realistic plantbased pork is from a proprietary blend of pea protein, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushrooms and rice.

OmniPork was first launched in Hong Kong in 2018 and has since has extended its global footprint from Hong Kong to over ten other Asian countries and regions and can now be found across ALDI China, Starbucks China and McDonald’s Hong Kong.

For the soft-launch, OmniPork has partnered with nine UK restaurants who are all rolling out special OmniPork menus for Veganuary, ahead of its official UK launch later this year, when its products will will roll out into restaurants and supermarkets around the country.

Erpingham House Crispy Scotch Egg
Erpingham House Crispy Scotch Egg ©Omnipork

Direct to consumer options include a range of Asian-inspired dishes such as: Korean Bibimbap or Vietnamese Bun Cha meal-kits from Shoreditch’s Eat Chay; OmniPork Burger with Korean BBQ Marinade and Sesame Mayo from Bournemouth’s Plant Hustler; Options for Western dishes include: Black Cat Cafe’s Spanish OmniPork Empanadas in Hackney; Erpingham House’s Crispy OmniPork Scotch Egg with Pea Puree in Norwich and Brighton.

 Other partners include London’s Park Chinois, Rasa Sayang and home-delivery businesses Alta Foods, Viet Vegan and Kay Kay Foods.

Visit the websites and social media pages of the restaurants above for delivery details; most are on Deliveroo or Uber Eats, but many do independent delivery. These menus are available for a limited time during Veganuary.



Available Outlet


Burger with Korean BBQ Marinade and Sesame Mayo


Plant Hustler; Deliveroo; Uber Eats




Burger filled with OmniPork patty, Korean BBQ marinade, sesame mayo, green lollo lettuce, spring onion and chilli.



Mushroom truffle salsa OmniPork siu mai

£5.5 for 4 pieces

£8 for 6 pieces

Home delivery service by Kay Kay Foods

Handmade OmniPork siu mai mixed with shiitake mushrooms and tofu puffs, topped with truffle mushroom salsa and seaweed pearls.

Scotch Egg £5.99 Erpingham House; Deliveroo


Crispy scotch egg made with OmniPork Mince and scrambled tofu yolk, served with a side pot of piccalilli.


Bun Cha


Eat Chay; Deliveroo; Uber Eats


A Vietnamese Noodle Salad served with OmniPork meatballs.


Korean Bibimbap with spicy OmniPork Mince


A traditional Korean rice dish, topped with house made kimchi and OmniPork Mince.


Mapo Tofu with OmniPork

From £6.5

Delivery service by Alta Foods



A classic Chinese dish hailing from Sichuan which consists of Tofu, Mushrooms and Garlic stirred in with a spicy red sauce, along with OmniPork Mince.


Marinated aubergine with OmniPork 

From £6.5

Soft slices of aubergine full of flavour accompanied by OmniPork Min

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