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Plantcraft Unveils New, Cleaner-Label Plant-Based Pepperoni

Plantcraft, a plant-based deli meat company, announces the launch of Plant-Based Pepperoni in Spicy and Mild varieties. Made with allergy-friendly green banana flour, the Pepperoni is the first product release from Plantcraft’s upcoming line of deli slices

The brand says its Plant-Based Pepperoni will provide the same taste as traditional pepperoni with eight grams of protein per serving, five grams of fiber and no nuts, grains, soy, or eggs. The pepperoni also offers a clean label that is free from artificial additives and preservatives, with ingredients such as pea protein, green banana flour, faba protein, sunflower seed oil, salt and spices. 

The Plant-Based Pepperoni is now available at Earth Fare Markets, a Southeast US-based chain with 20+ locations, followed by additional retailers. Each seven-ounce package will sell for a suggested retail price of $6.99. 

Plantcraft Pepperoni Pizza

Unprocessed ingredients

Plantcraft is creating a new generation of plant-based deli meats by combining European traditions with modern food science.  Dedicated to crafting more nutritious and wholesome products, the brand makes innovative cold cuts, sausages, and pâtés using ingredients like seed and legume proteins, golden linseed, grapeseed oil, garlic, onions, spices and herbs. 

For the new Pepperoni, the brand chose green banana flour for its gut-friendly and fiber-rich properties. 

Plantcraft’s upcoming deli slices line will be available through groceries and foodservice. The company also revealed it is preparing for another seed round and is working with mission-driven investors in the CPG  industry. 

Plantcraft Deli Meats

Setting high standards

“Our new pepperoni expands our brand but keeps us true to our values of incorporating whole ingredients and eschewing processed ingredients,” said Plantcraft co-founder Kati Ohens. “While there is no industry-wide definition of ‘clean label,’ we’ve set our own high standards for our deli meats, including ingredients you can recognize that you might use in your own kitchen, to deliver the taste and texture you’re craving.” 

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