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Prime Roots Debuts Vegan Bacon Made from Koji Fungus, Sells Out Almost Immediately

Prime Roots, a plant-based high protein meat alternative company which makes products from a fungus called koji, recently launched a bacon which can be ordered online and shipped directly to your door. Prime Roots’ founders Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon say that the vegan bacon was sold out almost immediately.

As we reported last week, Forbes reported that vegan bacon is the new “plantbased frontier”, with pigless pork products trending around the world and many producers releasing new products in recent months to benefit from the increased demand.

Prime Roots bacon
Image courtesy of Prime Roots

Prime Roots conducted a product voting initiative on products that they had made and discovered that bacon was a resounding winner with thousands of votes cast within their community.The key ingredient behind Prime Roots’ bacon is Koji, a umami-rich whole food source of protein that is beloved in haute cuisine and used by Michelin Star chefs.

Co-founder Kimberlie Lie said to vegconomist: “Since we released the product, we sold out within a few hours (over 1000 packs of bacon) and our waitlist/community growth and support has been amazing! We’re looking forwards to future releases online and also in other channels as we scale up our production.”

Prime Roots is backed by Collaborative Fund (investors in Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods), and True Ventures (investors in Blue Bottle Coffee and Sweetgreen).

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