Bunge Strengthens Plant-Based Protein Portfolio with Pea and Faba Concentrates

Bunge has announced the expansion of its protein concentrate portfolio to include pea and faba protein concentrates, complementing its existing soy protein concentrate offerings.

To facilitate this expansion, Bunge is partnering with Golden Fields, an agricultural company and leading dry miller of pea and faba beans in Europe. Golden Fields will produce exclusively for Bunge at a newly constructed factory in Liepaja, Latvia.

“Our new pea and faba protein concentrates are setting the bar for European-origin pulse proteins”

The new range of Bunge’s pea and faba protein concentrates is characterised by several notable attributes. These products are non-GMO, light in colour, finely powdered, and contain 55-70% protein on a dry basis. Such specifications make them suitable for food applications, allowing manufacturers to easily boost protein content and support non-GMO and allergen-free labelling.

Bunger plant protein portfolio
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Industry Context

Pea and faba beans are gaining prominence in the plant-based sector, driven by significant investments and growing consumer demand. Just days ago, Protein Industries Canada announced a $24.5 million project to develop new fava-based ingredients and applications for pea starch and fibre.

The global market for pea protein is projected to reach $7 billion by 2031, highlighting the rising importance of these ingredients. Researchers also recognize faba beans as a promising ingredient for producing meat analogues, valued for their taste and texture.

Sustainability initiatives

Bunge notes the sustainability benefits of its new protein concentrates, with the production process utilising crop-rotation practices and dry-fractionation methods that do not require water or solvents commonly used in pulse protein production. Additionally, crop sourcing involves a network of local farmers across Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, minimizing the distance to the processing facility in Liepaja.

Fava Beans
Image provided by BENEO

Bunge’s extensive operations in processing oilseeds and grains establish it as a significant supplier of ingredients for the vegan and plant-based food industries. The company’s product range includes plant-based oils, protein meals, and flours essential for manufacturing plant-based meats, dairy alternatives, and other vegan products. With a presence in over 40 countries, Bunge is well-positioned to support the global expansion of the plant-based industry.

In a social media announcement, the company noted, “Our new pea and faba protein concentrates are setting the bar for European-origin pulse proteins to help customers meet growth and sustainability needs across food and feed.”

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