Europe Needs Alternative Protein Innovators

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This Europe Day (9th May 2023), ProVeg International and the EU-funded Smart Protein Project are raising awareness of the need for sustainable food production in our changing world. 

Europe Day marks the anniversary of the historic Schuman Declaration, which set out revolutionary minister Robert Schuman’s idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe. This ultimately led to the creation of today’s European Union. 

Essentially, the anniversary represents peace and prosperity across Europe – a harmony that could be threatened by growing global crises, like pandemics, weather extremes, dwindling planetary natural resources, and food insecurities. 

Europe map
Image courtesy ProVeg International

In its recent New Food Hub article, ProVeg International focuses on Europe Day to highlight the potential for alternative proteins within Europe and the further world.

Alt-proteins made from plants, cellular agriculture, and precision fermentation can be produced in ways that require significantly fewer resources and have dramatically fewer greenhouse gas emissions. They offer us a means of feeding our growing population and reducing crises, potentially safeguarding stability within Europe.

Essentially, opportunities are up for grabs, with the potential to develop and capitalise on the skyrocketing alternative protein market – still in its infancy.

The Smart Protein Project can support you

Obtain relevant insights on the market through the Smart Protein reports and attain proof of the diet transition. The open-access research on consumer behaviour, marketing, food processing, life-cycle assessments, and more, is available for all.

Smart Protein Project
© Smart Protein Project

European consumers are already on board – with a recent pan-European Union (EU) survey finding that almost 40% of all EU consumers now identify as either flexitarian, vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan. While over in Germany, over 50% of consumers already identify as flexitarian! Consumers are ready to shift to more sustainable foods and eat less meat and dairy. 

By developing alternative proteins, your business will help to shape a sustainable food production system to support the future of Europe, and the world beyond. 

Getting involved now will mean that your company will be at the forefront of an innovative industry that’s likely to lead to future global economic growth and security.

Close up shot of variety of pulses
Image courtesy ProVeg International

ProVeg and the Smart Protein Project

ProVeg International and the Smart Protein Project are leading communication and dissemination activities in the alt-protein sphere, as well as contributing to consumer and market research across the food and drink industry.

Read the full New Food Hub article to learn more, and get in touch with ProVeg International at [email protected] to discuss your product strategy and maximise alt-protein product sales.

ProVeg International (2020): European consumer survey on plant-based foods. Available at: Accessed 2021-10-08
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