Study Explores Benefits of Spent Barley Protein

A peer-reviewed scientific study has found that EverPro, said to be the world’s only upcycled barley protein and described by the company as one of the world’s most sustainable proteins, to be one of the most digestible proteins available.

The study found a higher uptake of the amino acids methionine and tryptophane with EverPro compared to pea protein, and noted that overall absorption speeds were similar to both pea and whey proteins. EverPro combines barley with a small amount of rice protein, which may somewhat improve uptake of amino acids; however, overall uptake was slightly lower than for pea protein.

Study participants described EverPro as well-tolerated, with minimal gastrointestinal symptoms reported. Furthermore, consuming a shake made with the barley protein led to a slightly lower insulin response than consuming a whey or pea protein shake, while the postprandial drop in glucose levels was similar to that of pea protein.

EverPro was also found to be almost five times more soluble than pea protein, making it possible to consume greater quantities of the product. The researchers recommend that more studies should now be done to examine the effects of barley protein on health outcomes.

Everpro shake
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“Untapped potential”

EverPro has been developed by AB InBev, a multinational company that is the world’s largest brewer. Only the carbohydrates from barley are used for the brewing process, meaning that the proteins normally go to waste or are used for animal feed. Upcycling them into products for human consumption therefore helps to divert waste from landfill.

A range of protein products is offered under the EverPro brand, including powders, bars, supplements, and even a barley-based milk alternative. The protein is also used by FȲTA, a sports nutrition brand founded by former UFC fighter and Game Changers star James Wilks.

“We’re committed to realizing the untapped potential of barley. AB InBev’s decades-long relationships with barley growers ensure we have access to a stable, global supply of nutrient-dense barley, and our innovative processes allow us to capture the full potential of this existing natural resource to fulfill our commitment to our planet’s health and longevity,” says AB InBev.

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