More Foods and Osem-Nestlè Group Partner to Develop & Market “Meaty” Products Made of Pumpkin Seeds

More Foods of Tel Aviv announces a strategic collaboration with Tivol, a subsidiary of the Osem-Nestlè Group, to bring to market a portfolio of ‘meaty’ products made from pumpkin seeds

The collaboration between More Foods and the Osem-Nestlè Group seeks to address the increasing demand for nutritious and environmentally friendly food choices. The Osem-Nestlè subsidiary caters to the Israeli market, where 13% of the population identifies as vegetarians or vegans and an additional 45% of the population actively reduces their meat consumption.

More Foods Pulled shwarma style
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The technology developed by More Foods enables them to utilize discarded remnants of highly nutritious seeds, commonly referred to as “superfoods,” which are generated during the production process of pumpkin seed oil and sunflower seed oil. The company announced in 2022 its plans to launch an innovative new alt meat product based on upcycled seeds, stating the finished textured products provide a similar mouth feel to that associated with dark meats.

International expansion

More Foods, which sources its raw materials from side streams of the food industry, is currently available in over 100 Israeli restaurants, including major chains. The company has embarked on international expansion with product distribution in Europe and the UK.

Pulled sandwich
© More Foods

“We are proud to partner with the Osem-Nestlè Group and combine our unique product offering with their market accessibility,” said Leonardo Marcovitz, Founder of More Foods. “This collaboration represents an important milestone in our journey to broaden our market presence, reach a larger customer base, and further our mission to make nutritious meaty center-plate plant-based products more accessible to consumers worldwide.”

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