New Food Conference 2023: Tasting the Future of Plant-Based and Cultivated Alternatives

Food awareness organization ProVeg International will host the fourth edition of the New Food Conference (NFC) from the 25th to the 26th of October in Berlin, Germany.

Focusing on the future of plant-based and cultivated meat and dairy products, the conference will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of the latest innovations in alt proteins driving change in the food industry.

The NFC will feature presentations from industry experts and panel discussions, to delve into scientific developments and market trends surrounding plant-based and cultivated products. Additionally, the event will host tantalizing tastings of yet-to-be-released products to offer attendees a preview of future foods.

A vegan mycelium white fish filet with sauce.
Image courtesy of Esencia Foods

Learn from the experts

The event will serve as a platform for researchers, food technologists, and industry specialists to discuss key topics such as the market potential for cultivated meat, opportunities for food producers, and the factors contributing to the commercial success of alt proteins.

Distinguished speakers at the NFC include Amali Bunter from Lidl, Germany, who will discuss stable price development, and Graeme Taylor from Rud Pederson Public Affairs, who will explore potential opportunities for food producers. 

Verena Wiederkehr, head of plant-based business development at Billa, will shed light on effective marketing strategies. At the same time, Govinda Thaler from Planet V will share insights on current trends in institutional catering. Klaus Schmaeing, chief marketing officer at Burger King Germany, will discuss the significance of meat alternatives and the challenges companies face in this sector.

Raspberry vegan pastry cream
© Be Better My Friend

Exciting startups and exclusive tastings 

At the event, startups including HaofoodCultimate Foods, Be Better My Friend, Happy Ocean Foods, Esencia Foods, and Omni Pet will showcase their plant-based or cultivated products through pitches, live cooking sessions, and tastings.

Participants will able able to taste new and unreleased products, including mycelium-based burger patties from Swiss company Planetary and a new mycoprotein product from Lithuanian startup BioGNR. 

Moreover, there will be live cooking sessions to give attendees a firsthand experience of the latest innovations, including a cultivated product by Cultimate Foods and a plant-based sour cream configured on stage using Planteneers’ Plantbaser.

In addition to the tastings, conference sponsors Lidl and Planteneers will offer a diverse selection of plant-based meals, including pumpkin pancakes, Sri Lanka Curry, and Berlin-style Döner for breakfast and lunch.

Vegan burgers
© Planetary

Live or live stream

With about 400 delegates from over 30 countries expected to attend, the conference promises to be a global gathering of industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts. For those unable to attend in person, all lectures from the conference will be streamed live and made available for online viewing for 90 days after the event.

“During the on-site tastings, participants will get the chance to experience the enormous ingredient potential of fungi, the study of which is opening up completely unexpected possibilities – an increasing number of startups are utilising the unique structures of mycelia to produce meat alternatives that are as nutritious as they are tasty,” says ProVeg International.

For more information about the conference program and to purchase tickets, please visit the New Food Conference

vegconomist readers can enjoy a 15% discount on tickets using the code NFC15#VEGCONOMIST.

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