New Rice & Pea Proteins with Complete Amino Acid Profile Arrive in US and Canada, in “Major Step Forward” for Alt Dairy

Xyprotein (Anhui Shunxin Shengyuan Biological Food Co.) and ZXCHEM USA have collaborated to launch rice and pea protein powders designed for use in the plant-based food and beverage sector. Anhui Shunxin, a rice protein manufacturer based in Eastern China, and ZXCHEM USA, a food and beverage protein distributor located in Somerset, New Jersey, have now introduced these products to the US and Canadian markets.

Complete protein

The first product, HydroRice™ PA80, consists of 100% rice protein, and the second, HydroPR™ 80, is a blend of 40% rice and 60% pea protein. Both rice and pea protein contain all nine essential amino acids crucial for human health, but on their own, each is slightly deficient in one amino acid. Rice protein falls short on lysine, while pea protein lacks methionine.

But, when combined, the blended protein becomes a complete protein source, delivering all nine essential amino acids in the quantities our bodies need. 

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The two protein powders have been developed to address the demand for dairy alternatives, including milk, ice cream, cream cheese, and yogurt.

“These products present a major step forward for the development of plant-based alternatives to dairy products such as milk, ice cream, cream cheese, and yogurt. We are excited to offer them in the US and Canadian markets for the first time,” says Wade Zheng, President of ZXCHEM USA.

“These products present a major step forward for the development of plant-based alternatives to dairy products.”

Both protein powders are made using a unique manufacturing process, which does not involve the use of certain typical chemical processes. Instead, they are produced using a combination of high-pressure blending and spray drying. This method preserves the proteins’ natural qualities, making them water-soluble, neutral in taste, and smooth in texture.

Application-specific protein

HydroRice™ PA80 is intended for use in dairy replacement applications, including ready-to-drink and powdered beverages, yogurt, ice cream, and cream cheese. HydroPR™ 80, the blended pea and rice protein, has a higher solubility rate and is best suited for clean-label dairy replacement beverages.

To ensure product quality, Anhui Shunxin sources rice from reputable suppliers in regions with unpolluted water sources, such as Northern China and Pakistan, resulting in low levels of heavy metals and pesticides in the final products.

ZXCHEM USA has been designated as the exclusive distributor for the US and Canadian markets, offering formulation recommendations to distributors, co-packers, formulators, and brands. They will showcase these protein powders at the Supply Side West event in October, a large food and beverage trade show held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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