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Revyve Develops Egg White Replacer Made From Spent Brewer’s Yeast

Dutch company Revyve has created a plant-based egg white replacer made from upcycled spent brewer’s yeast.

The product is made by processing the yeast — which is a renewable byproduct of beer production — into proteins and fibers. The process takes place at low temperatures and does not require enzymes or harsh chemicals.

With four million barrels of beer produced per year, Revyve has a virtually endless supply of yeast and does not need to grow any biomass. The company’s clean-label egg replacer is said to be ideal for use as a binder in plant-based meats, and also adds an umami flavor.

Additionally, Revyve offers two more product solutions made from upcycled yeast. One is a protein-fiber blend designed for use in extruded meat alternatives, while the other replaces dairy or eggs in sauces by providing emulsification and texture.

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Yeast-based protein

A few companies are now making vegan proteins from yeast, with France’s Yeasty raising €1.4 million last year after discovering a way to remove the bitterness from brewer’s yeast. The company produces a flour that is suitable for a range of applications, including alt protein products, pet food, and sports and medical nutrition.

A recent study of yeast-based burger patties found that they had significant environmental benefits, with an even smaller impact than pea protein. This is largely because brewer’s yeast is an industrial byproduct and does not require cultivation.

“We create ingredients from single-cell proteins through a process that unlocks unique functionalities, like heat-set gelling, emulsification, and more. All while keeping the label completely clean!” said Revyve on LinkedIn. “Our yeast-based ingredients allow us to deliver unique functionality that unlocks the texture of animal-free products while also giving it a nice kick of umami.”

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