Sunbloom’s Sunflower Proteins for Plant-Based Meat, Dairy, and Eggs to Expand into Nordic Market

Munich-based Sunbloom Proteins announces a strategic partnership with IMCD Group, a global distributor of chemicals and ingredients, to distribute its plant-based functional proteins derived from sunflower seeds in Europe’s Nordic region.

Sunbloom Proteins manufactures its products, including a sunflower oil, in Hungary, utilizing sunflower seeds for human consumption. The company has developed a patented process to create 60% protein content sunflower-derived seed ingredients to serve as functional ingredients in food and beverage applications, including dairy and meat alternatives, bakery, confectionery, and wellness products.

The versatility of sunflower seeds

With a neutral taste and a bright color, the proteins are said to be versatile because they can complement or replace plant or animal proteins in food formulations. They are rich in dietary fibers and polyphenols, enhancing the nutrition of extruded products, such as meat alternatives and high-protein cereals.

One key functional feature is that they provide emulsifying and stabilizing properties, offering applications for alternative egg and milk proteins in vegan baked goods, sauces, dressings, yogurts, ice creams, or any dairy-free product. In addition, the plant-based sunflower proteins are vegan, GMO-free, European cultivated, naturally without allergens, and made with an allergen-free production process. 

A burger made with IMCD Group's vegan instant burger made with sunflower proteins
© IMCD Group

A game-changing instant vegan burger

IMCD offers a variety of plant-based concepts and ready-to-use solutions. To showcase the capabilities of Sunbloom Proteins, the company has developed an instant vegan burger that the company claims is a game changer. The new instant burger comes in powder and can be made by adding cold water, mixing, and letting it rest for 30 minutes. The mix offers high protein and fiber content, representing a nutritious and cost-effective alternative to meat.

Sunbloom Protein’s ingredient, once hydrated, adds structure and texture to the burger and improves bite, while it improves the quality of the emulsion and enhances the nutrition of products, says the company.

Others exploring the potential of sunflower-derived ingredients include the German company HERZA Schokolade, a specialist in small chocolate pieces for food service, which has created vegan chocolate using sunflower protein. Also, the US plant-based brand Spero has launched cream cheese products made with these nutrient-rich seeds.

Additionally, to identify other sources of proteins for plant-based products, a research project called Taste2Meat, co-funded by the EU, was launched to find ways to upcycle byproducts from the sunflower oil industry into sustainable meat alternatives.

“As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of food and ingredient choices in promoting health and preserving our unique planet, the demand for innovation is on the rise,” says IMCD Group.

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