The Average American Consumer is an Omnivore Interested in Plantbased Protein

Nielsen has released new data related to the rise of meat alternatives in consumer packaged goods (CPG), and demonstrating that today’s American consumer is, on average, an omnivore, but they’re playing the field when it comes to exploring meat alternatives in their search for dietary protein. In fact, protein-seeking consumers are more likely than ever to consider all the options available to them.”

In the study named “Meet the New Meat Eater“, Nielsen Homescan consumer data reveals that 98% of meat alternative buyers in America also purchase meat products, and that in the USA, 15% of sales in F & B are on products that “support plant-based diets.” Americans appear to be specifically interested in products containing protein from spelt, seitan and lentils, which generate over $620 million.

In terms of securing continued growth of alternative protein products, the data shows that alignment with social and environmental action is highly pertinent, especially with regards to the impact of animal agriculture on climate change, of which Americans are becoming increasingly aware. “Among Americans interested in the impact of livestock on climate change, 61% of those surveyed say they would reduce their meat consumption, 43% would replace meat-based protein with plant-based protein alternatives and 22% would become vegetarian or vegan in order to effect positive change.”

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