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USA: Sabra Dipping Company Introduces Bean Dips

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Sabra Dipping Company, known for its hummus, has introduced a new line of bean dips.

These Mediterranean bean dips are available in the flavours of white beans with spinach and roasted garlic, red beans with sun-dried tomatoes & basil, and black beans with roasted tomato & smoked paprika. They are based on Sabra’s other products – the company creates healthy plant-based dips in a variety of flavours.


“Sabra’s new line of bean dips brings the flavours of the Mediterranean to American consumers,” said Liza Laibe, director of marketing innovation at Sabra Dipping Company. All the dips are gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher and free from genetically modified ingredients. Sabra will also be introducing its new product design with this new product line. It features an updated logo, a redesigned label and original on-pack photographs. The dips will be available this month in selected delis.


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