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Sacred Serve Expands Its Upcycled Vegan Gelato to US Whole Foods Nationwide

Chicago brand Sacred Serve is expanding its line of vegan superfood gelato to Whole Foods stores across the US, reports Food Navigator-USA. 

“The product’s integrity is going to be better than it ever was”

Founded by Kailey Donewald, Sacred Serve packages its clean-label gelato in the world’s first plastic-free, 100% biodegradable ice cream cartons. To craft the ice cream, Sacred Serve uses a base of upcycled Thai green coconuts, which it says provides a lighter coconut flavor and thick texture that eliminates the need for gums or stabilizers. The coconut is then blended with superfoods, adaptogens and medicinal mushroom ingredients.

Sacred Serve Creamy Coconut Gelato
©Sacred Serve

Accelerating capacity

The brand first launched at 30 regional Whole Foods stores in 2019, where it worked to build a strong rapport with the chain throughout the pandemic. Leading up to the nationwide launch, the company says it has had to rapidly scale its operations and manufacturing. 

“We had to 5-10x our business in a matter of months,” said Donewald. “We’ve onboarded a new manufacturer down in Florida who’s incredible. The product’s integrity is going to be better than it ever was.”

Vegan Gelato Chai Latter
©Sacred Serve

The company is also moving from single-serve packaging to full-sized pints, which will offer consumers an additional 4 oz of product at the same retail price. Sacred Serve’s line is currently available in five flavors, included Salted Caramel, Mint Chip, Chocolate, Cookies N Creme, and Chai Latte. 

100% compostable

By the end of 2022, Donewald notes, Sacred Serve’s entire product line will be made from fully compostable materials, a first for both the dairy and plant-based ice cream categories. Though most ice cream cartons are constructed from paperboard, they contain an inner plastic lining that renders them unsuitable for recycling applications. 

“We’re really hoping that every ice cream company and every brand in the freezer will transition to compostable materials as well,” Donewal says. 



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