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Scandinavian Airlines Trials Vegan Menu Option on 4,000 Flights

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has recently introduced a vegan menu option on its 4000 flights for testing purposes. The new dish is based on Nordic ingredients, and will be on the airline’s menu for two weeks.

The vegan menu contains regional ingredients such as thyme and roasted organic mushrooms from Hällestad, Sweden, or lentil, turnip and wheat salad with black beans from Öland, Sweden. The dish is served with sliced golden turnips, yellow pea hummus and buckwheat roasted in vinegar.

If SAS’s first test run is successful, vegan food will probably become permanently available on its flights. Other competitors in the air travel sector have also adapted and modernised their on-board menus, including Air New Zealand, which has added the famous Impossible Burger to its range.



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