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Simply V Further Expands EU Market Leadership in Plant-Based Cheese

Simply V is the best-known and most frequently used cheese alternative in Germany – consumers are growing at a clear double-digit rate. When buying cheese alternatives, by far the most consumers reach for Simply V. This is the result of a representative Forsa survey (population, 14 to 69 years), which has now been published by E.V.A. GmbH, Oberreute.

According to the survey, 12 percent of those questioned have already tried Simply V products at least once. This corresponds to around 6.8 million consumers. The user share of Simply V is thus more than twice as high as that of all comparable competitor brands in the segment of plant-based cheese alternatives. From 2019 to 2020 – i.e. within just one year – Simply V’s user share increased by 49 per cent.

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“Within a very short space of time, we have become the market leader, market driver and category leader, with the highest hits on the shelf and with first-time buyer rates that are increasing day by day: We are very proud of this and incredibly pleased that Simply V has been so well received by consumers,” says Caroline Zimmer, Managing Director of E.V.A. GmbH. “At the same time, our immense growth rates are based on our high sales volume, which is more than significantly higher than all other competitors combined.”

Because consumers prefer slices with few ingredients, but still attach great importance to a varied selection and good taste, Simply V has completely redesigned the Savoury Slices and adapted them exactly to these consumer wishes. The result is a range of slices with the best and most distinctive flavour. The natural and spicy varieties, which have been successfully established since 2016, will be complemented from March 2021 by the savoury nutty and fine creamy varieties, which offer consumers completely new, unmistakable taste experiences. For this purpose, the brand has worked with different nuts: almond is now joined by walnut for the Savoury Nutty variety and cashew for the Fine Creamy variety.

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The new orientation of the gourmet slices is accompanied by a new pack that attracts attention at the chiller cabinet with its modern design and leads to significantly higher sales, as a large-scale market test has shown. In addition, the new pack also fulfils consumers’ desire for more sustainability: it now consists of 18 per cent less plastic and 30 per cent recycled material.

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