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Skinny Butcher Accelerates US Retail Growth to Costco and Safeway Stores

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Plant-based poultry brand Skinny Butcher announces its line of Crazy Crispy Chick’n products are now available in hundreds of US Costco and Safeway locations, in addition to Walmart locations nationwide. 

Shoppers can now find Skinny Butcher’s Chick’n in the following stores:

  • Costco – Northern California, Midwestern United States and select Utah locations
  • Walmart – all US locations
  • Safeway – Mid-Atlantic, Seattle and Intermountain

Love at first bite

According to Skinny Butchers, its breaded chicken products are consistently wowing key decision-makers at major retailers, who are excited to learn about and sample the brand’s proprietary recipes.

Skinny Butcher Chicken Range
©Skinny Butcher

“Major chains were eager to learn about our proprietary formula of plant-based products that are virtually indistinguishable from their animal-based comparables,” explains Dave Zilko, CEO of Skinny Butcher. “Once they got a chance for a taste, we had them at first bite.”

An “unparalleled” product

Made with pea protein and a special strain of vegetable fiber, Skinny Butcher’s chicken was co-developed with Golden West Food Group specifically to “outcrisp the competition.” 

“Our team of culinary professionals have created everything from classic favorites to trend-setting plant-based alternatives using the latest processing and cooking technologies,” comments Zack Levenson, COO of Golden West Food Group. “We are excited to share our collaboration with Skinny Butcher that showcases our continued innovation.”

Skinny Butcher Chicken Tenders
©Skinny Butcher

Exciting audiences

This spring, the company thrilled the internet with the launch of Stranger Things-themed Crispy Chick’n Nuggets, featuring a specially designed box based on the hit Netflix show. According to the brand, Skinny Butcher’s combination of a delicious-tasting product with fun and cheeky branding is a winning formula.

“We are confident that consumers will be drawn in by the butcher’s endearing wink, but especially wowed by restaurant-quality food available at their favorite stores,” notes Zilko. “We promise that you will not only love the overall flavor profile, but also feel good about choosing a more sustainable option.”

Skinny Butcher Stranger Things Nuggets
©Skinny Butcher

He adds, “There are a variety of plant-based options currently on the market, but nothing that is sustainable, soy and palm oil-free, employs our unique breading system and is, above all, crazy delicious.”

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