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Sunfed Meats – New Zealand’s Chicken Free Chicken

New Zealand based Sunfed Meats creates plant-based products with their pea protein-based alternative to chicken. “Chicken Free Chicken”, which has been available in supermarkets and restaurants across New Zealand for just over a year, has seen phenomenal success, and said to cook and taste exactly like chicken to the extent that meat-eaters are unable to tell the difference.

While plant-based diets are becoming increasingly popular for ethical, environmental and health reasons, there is often debate of sacrificing the taste of meat. However, street blind tests showed people appraising the alternative for its flavour and texture said to be “just like chicken”.

Chicken Free Chicken contains 62% more protein than fresh lean chicken breast, also high in iron, zinc, phosphorus and potassium, cholesterol and trans fat free and low carb, making it an excellent cruelty-free alternative to meat.

Sunfed Meats is now looking to expand their product range with beef and bacon alternatives.

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