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Sunfed’s Boar-Free Bacon, Most Popular Product at Meatfest, Announces Retail Launch in NZ

New Zealand plant meat brand Sunfed, which became a household name for its Chicken-free Chicken in New Zealand and Australia in 2018 and 2019 respectively, now announces the long awaited retail launch for its vegan bacon.. The brand raised NZ$10 million in series A capital round to launch its products internationally.

Perhaps the most impressive story from Sunfed took place this February when the brand became the first-ever plantbased producer to bring its products to Meatfest, a festival whose description matches its name. Phenomenally, the Sunfed bacon and beef, which were actually launched at the festival, sold out at the event and theirs was the most popular stand amongst the meat loving crowd.
Sunfed Foods Meatstock
©Sunfed Foods
The name Sunfed derives from the use of its proprietary clean technology to make meat directly from plants without the animal. This makes for an agile, efficient and clean food chain that treads lightly on the planet even as it scales. Sunfed’s mission is to help accelerate humanity towards being fully solar powered.
“Just like we’re evolving from fossil fuels to solar, we need to evolve from animals to plants. That’s what Sunfed is building – the next evolution of protein that is cleaner and better to ensure a brighter future for all. Food is the largest market in the world with the biggest footprint on the planet, transformation here will be significant,” says founder Shama Sukul Lee.
Sunfed Boar Free Bacon®

The Kiwi company launched its Boar Free Bacon® across New Zealand supermarkets last week, and the market launch was eagerly anticipated. From now, consumers can find Sunfed Boar Free Bacon® in Countdown supermarkets nationwide alongside other bacon. Also available in the South Island through Foodstuffs stores of New World, Pak’n Save and Four Square alongside established favourite Chicken Free Chicken®.

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