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Argentina Responds to Growing Vegan Demand with Plant-Based Version of South America’s Iconic Dulce de Leche

Un Rincón Vegano (URV), an Argentinian company that claims to have introduced the country’s first vegan alfajor (traditional pastries) in 2015, recently launched its latest creation: Dulce de Leche Plant Based.

Dulce de leche, or caramelized milk, is a sweet delicacy well-loved in Latin America, made by slowly heating sugar and milk for several hours. It is an icon of Argentina’s gastronomy, present in many desserts and pastries, including alfajores, where it’s sandwiched between two cookies.

Described as golden, and creamy, at the same time delivering the flavor, the new vegan dulce de leche promises to satisfy traditional palates and consumers looking for animal-free alternatives.

The new product comes in a 1 kg or 10 kg format to offer an option for individual consumers and a solution for businesses, stores, hotels, and cafeterias looking to expand their offer to cater to the growing demand for vegan products.  

Alfajores filled with dulce de leche plant-based
Alfajores filled with dulce de leche – Image credit: Un Rincón Vegano IG

The obvious choice

In Argentina, the vegan population amounts to 4%, and the trend of dairy consumers transitioning to plant-based products is gaining momentum, reports Latin Spots. This surge in demand speaks to the growing consumer awareness of non-dairy options, including dulce de leche.

URV is one of many plant-based alternatives to dulce the leche available in the country. Mi Soja, an F&B company, reportedly launched the first vegan dulce de leche in the Argentine market. It replaces milk with organic soybeans. 

NotCo, a leading provider of plant-based products in LATAM, has a cruelty-free dairy portfolio in the country, offering NotDulce de Leche, made with peas and chickpeas, instead of cow milk. And Felices las Vacas, a plant-based food company and the burger supplier of LATAM’s first vegan fast food chain JOY Burgers & Plants, has developed an alternative made with nuts, legumes, and agar agar.  

“Our mission is to bring the classic flavor of dulce de leche to every corner of the country and contribute to the growing demand for vegan options. We want to be the obvious choice for any establishment looking to provide an inclusive and delicious dining experience,” says Un Rincón Vegano. 

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