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Billie Eilish Favorite IChoc Announces Two New Flavors and New Fairtrade Focus

Germany’s iChoc became one of the first 100% plant-based chocolate brands way back in 2015 before mainstream chocolate brands jumped on the vegan bandwagon. Seven years later, the brand announces a Fairtrade upgrade, improved recipes and a new design.

In September, the new iChoc goes on sale containing certified Fairtrade cocoa with climate-friendly regional beet sugar instead of cane sugar from Brazil. Valuable ingredients such as buckwheat and almond oil replace the rice milk previously used instead of dairy in most varieties.

“The taste is now even closer to the milk chocolate original, because the sweetness is more subtle,” says Gerrit Wiezoreck, Managing Director of EcoFinia, the chocolate manufacturer that produces iChoc.

ichoc range
© Ecofinia GmbH

New flavours: Coffee & Pretzel

Two new varieties will be available from autumn: White Barista Art – which the brand says is the first vegan white chocolate with espresso crisp and a hint of sea salt — and Salty Pretzel, a mix that is currently being hyped in the USA. Last winter, EcoFinia produced a limited iChoc “Billie Eilish” edition for the singer, a self-declared pretzel fan, which was available exclusively in Billie’s online shop.

“More and more people want to know what’s in food. And that’s exactly what we can show at iChoc with the very best conscience,” says Gerrit Wiezoreck. As usual, the foil is also completely plastic-free at iChoc: the wood fibres for the cellulose come from controlled sustainable forestry and can be disposed of on the local compost.

Further information at www.ichoc.de 

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