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CRAVE Launches Birthday Cake-Inspired Vegan Sandwich Cookies

UK-based free-from snack brand CRAVE has announced the launch of its new gluten-free and vegan sandwich cookies, Bisco’s. Inspired by birthday cake, each Bisco consists of two golden cookies with a filling of vanilla cream and sprinkles.

The new product is CRAVE’s first cookie, and will launch at Sainsbury’s at the end of the month. It follows the supermarket chain’s recent announcement of a new trial where frozen, chilled, and ambient free-from products will be combined in one aisle.

Bisco’s will launch at Sainsbury’s on December 31, as the first in a series of new product launches that CRAVE says it is planning for 2024.


Legal challenges

CRAVE has had a successful year in 2023, but has also faced challenges. In July, the brand revealed that it had received cease-and-desist letters after the names of three of its products were deemed too similar to major brands.

After rebranding the snacks, CRAVE gained listings for two SKUs — Pickled Onion Noughties and Hot & Spicy Hot Dawgs — at 198 Sainsbury’s stores UK-wide. The brand initially rose to success last year after launching at Asda and winning the TV show Aldi’s Next Big Thing, subsequently gaining a listing at the discount retailer.

“In the office, we had lots of fun coming up with a name for our first biscuit product. We toyed with ‘Noreo’, but after our accountant advised us that we don’t have the budget for another lawsuit this year, we settled on Bisco’s!” said Rob Brice, founder of CRAVE. “We like to think they encapsulate the fun of a Disco with the taste of a birthday cake. Obviously Bisco’s are very different from any other circular biscuit, being vegan and free from the top 14 most common allergens, whilst still being tasty and ready to dunk (if you like that sort of thing)!”

Here you can read last year’s Q&A with Rob Brice of Crave.

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