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Harken Sweets Reimagines Snickers and Milky Way Bars With 100% Plant-Based Ingredients

Harken Sweets, a new ‘better-for-you’ candy brand, has announced the launch of its reimagined, plant-based versions of candy bar classics infused with the nutritional benefits of dates.

Katie Lefkowitz, founder of Harken Sweets and former COO of Caulipower, took to social media to announce the launch, commenting on the inspiration for the brand. She created Harken Sweets with the hopes of combining a long-held recipe for date-based caramel with the knowledge that these new candy bars have the potential to revamp a comfort food category with nutritionally elevated options.

“There’s no telling where this journey may lead”

She shared, “If there is one thing I hope for with the launch of this brand, it is that ripping open one of our candy bars allows you to Harken […] back to your first Halloween, and the excitement you felt diving into your candy treasure. This time, though, you can feel GREAT about how the superfood-ified version makes you and your gut feel.”

Harken Sweets
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Better-for-you treats

The brand promises a functional candy bar experience but with a 75% reduction in sugar content, non-GMO ingredients, 13 grams of prebiotic fiber, Fair Trade certification, and less than 150 calories per bar. Additionally, all candy bars are 100% plant-based, gluten-free, and soy-free.

The launch includes two plant-based candy bars: The Gooey One and The Nutty One. The Gooey One, a nod to the classic Milky Way, features salted date caramel, creamy nougat, and a coating of chocolate made from Fair-Trade cocoa sweetened with monk fruit. The Nutty One, reminiscent of a Snickers bar, combines crunchy peanuts with date caramel, nougat, and oat-based chocolate.

Similarly, Trupo Treats in Colorado is also planning to launch a ‘Vegan Versions’ line replicating classic candy bars, but the company is still in the process of reaching its pre-order goal.

Availability and expansion

“There’s no telling where this journey may lead. I can say that it would not have been possible without the mentorship, support, and enthusiasm of so many of you both inside and outside the food industry,” Lefkowitz commented on social media.

The new candy bars are currently available in select locations in New York and New Jersey, including Fairway Market, Pop Up Grocer, Gourmet Garage NY, and ShopRite. They can also be purchased directly from the company’s website. Plans for a national retailer launch are set for the second quarter of 2024.

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