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Kallø Expands Best-Selling Range of Lentil & Pea-Based Veggie Cakes

UK-based healthy snack brand Kallø has added to its range of Veggie Cakes with a new flavour — Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar.

The snacks, which are similar to rice cakes, are made from functional ingredients (lentils and peas) to provide an even healthier twist that is high in plant protein. Kallø is by far the UK’s top-selling rice cake brand, with a 29.2% market share.

“We’re seeing shoppers pay for added value products delivering on functionality, taste, and convenience – such as Kallø Veggie Cakes. This has prompted the range to accelerate, driving +8% value growth for the brand since last year alongside our chocolate-topped rice cakes,” the company told vegconomist.

Kallø’s Veggie Cakes were first launched in 2020 and have seen 6% growth since the same period last year. The other flavours in the range are:

  • Spinach & Pesto
  • Beetroot & Balsamic
  • Caramelised Onion Chutney
  • Tomato Salsa, Lime & Coriander.
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Top-scoring B Corp

Kallø is owned by Ecotone, which recently became the world’s top-scoring global food B Corp and has pledged to make a range of further sustainability improvements. The B Corp recertification followed a funding round in May, where Ecotone raised €20 million.

“We’ve seen phenomenal growth across our Veggie Cakes range this year. This is largely due to consumers increasingly switching from crisps and nuts, which is driving greater category value in turn,” said Kallø. “We hope the introduction of HFSS will give smaller healthier snacking brands, especially those offering great plant-based options, the opportunity to tap into this trend in a much greater way in place of unhealthier snacks. More retailers are switching to HFSS-compliant ranges at front of store, leading to an increase in popularity for healthy snacking options, and our best-selling Mini Veggie Cakes are a testament to this.”



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