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KLIMON’s Innovative Almond Milk Ice Cream Launches into US Costco Stores

Dairy-free brand KLIMON announces the launch of its popular almond milk ice cream at all Costco stores in Northern California, Central California, and Northern Nevada. The brand’s ice cream is now available for purchase in 4-pint variety packs. 

“Decadent texture”

KLIMON (pronounced “klee-mohn”) only launched in 2022, but it has already garnered a huge fan base for its innovative plant-based ice cream, which it says offers the same texture and creaminess as dairy. Using a proprietary blend of almond milk, coconut oil, proteins and stabilizers, KLIMON produces ice cream in five flavors: Morning Brew, Caramel Brûlée, Sunrise Bang, Mint Condition and Cherry Bomb.

At Costco, the product will now be available in a 4-pint pack with Cherry Bomb, Mint Condition and Morning Brew varieties. 

KLIMON Cherry Bomb Ice Cream

KLIMON first entered the market last year with a debut at select US Walmart stores and has since expanded to independent and specialty retailers nationwide, including Gelson’s and Stop ‘n Shop. 

Unique ingredients

In the last six months, other innovative ice creams have been launched to bring better frozen desserts to the plant-based category. In March, Planet Based Foods unveiled its first-ever organic hemp milk ice cream,  which it said offered “a sumptuous mouthfeel and creamy flavor” for ice cream lovers wanting a more “conscious luxury” experience. 

Hemp Milk Ice Cream
©Planet Based Foods

Meanwhile, Sophie’s BioNutrients has developed realistic ice cream made with the microalgae chlorella, which it says provides more B12 and iron than ice cream made with cow’s milk.

A Research and Markets report found that the global market for vegan ice cream is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.49%, reaching $1.55Bn by 2026. 

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