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LoveRaw Chocolates Launch at Almost 3,000 Tesco & Co-op Stores UK-Wide

Plant-based chocolate brand LoveRaw has announced that its Peanut Caramel Bar and M:lk Choc Wafer Multipack will be launching at 2,804 Tesco and Co-op locations across the UK.

The Peanut Caramel Bar — a vegan faux Snickers bar — will be available as part of Tesco’s lunchtime Meal Deal at 1150 Express stores and 650 Tesco Extra locations from August 7. LoveRaw’s Cre&m Wafer Bar is already available as part of the Meal Deal in M:lk and White Choc varieties.

“A large proportion of our customers are flexitarian”

The Peanut Caramel Bar will also launch at 550 Co-op stores from August 28, stocked alongside the Cre&m Wafer Bar in Milk Choc and Salted Caramel varieties.

Additionally, LoveRaw’s Milk Choc Cre&m Wafer Multipack will become the first of the brand’s products to launch in Tesco’s confectionery aisle. Featuring six individually wrapped bars, the multipack will be available at 454 Tesco superstores.

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“Innovation and taste”

The new rollout comes on the heels of LoveRaw’s largest ever OOH advertising campaign. Launched to promote the Peanut Caramel Bar, the campaign featured billboards with slogans such as “Don’t sn:cker because it’s plant-based”.

LoveRaw also announced a collaboration with Project Doughnut in late May; the two brands have created a collection of six plant-based doughnuts featuring LoveRaw’s chocolates.

“As a plant-based chocolate company, the two most important factors when launching a product are innovation and taste,” said Rimi Thapar, co-founder at LoveRaw. “Our goal has always been to make plant-based chocolate more widely available, and not only for vegan consumers — a large proportion of our customers are flexitarian too. This proves the concept that our chocolate tastes just as good, if not superior to dairy chocolate.”

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