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Australia’s Over the Moo Expands to the UK With Bite-Size Vegan Ice Cream

Over the Moo, a plant-based ice cream brand founded in Australia, has arrived in the UK with the launch of a range of bite-size frozen snacks. Consisting of chunks of coconut-based ice cream coated in dark chocolate, the snacks are available in two flavours — vanilla and caramel.

The new products are unique to the UK; in its home country, Over the Moo offers a more typical range of tub-based ice creams. So how did the expansion come about, and why the difference in products?

Gap in the market

On a trip to Australia, British businessman Simon Goodman spotted Over the Moo in a supermarket and decided to sample it. He was impressed, but didn’t think much more of it until six months later, when he happened to spot the brand on the Australian version of Shark Tank.

Goodman then reached out to Over the Moo founder Alex Houseman with the idea of bringing the brand to the UK. Having previously worked in marketing and communications for companies such as Cadbury, Goodman had the vision of filling what he perceived as a gap in the market for frozen plant-based snacks.

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Houseman was enthusiastic, and the pair developed a concept for snack-size chocolate-covered ice creams. The products have now launched in the UK, following in the footsteps of brands such as mochi ice cream producer Little Moons — which Over the Moo credits with “blazing a trail” for bite-sized ice cream products.

“Enviable reputation”

Over the Moo’s plant-based ice cream bites are sold in sharing pouches, each containing eight pieces. They can be ordered from frozen delivery brand Mighty Plants, and are also available for wholesale via distributors Thyme, On the Rocks, Faire, and CLF. Several retail listings have also reportedly been confirmed, in particular among farm shops and delis.

In Australia, Over the Moo offers tub ice creams in seven flavours — Vanilla Bean Missing You, Choc! Choc! Who’s There?, I Fell For Caramel, Dream Team Cookies ‘n Cream, We’re Mint to Be, The Espresso Lane, and Pandan Pecan Party. They are available at various independent supermarkets across the country.

“My commitment has always been to bite-sized, ‘sharing bags’ of guilt-free coconut milk ice cream,” said Goodman. “That said, at less than 30 calories a bite, Over the Moo is building an enviable reputation as the perfect pass around permissible treat that’s ideally suited to family nights in or a friends and family reunion.”

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