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Premier Foods Launches Vegan Jelly for Food Service Under McDougalls Brand

British food manufacturer Premier Foods has launched gelatin-free vegan jelly under its baking brand, McDougalls.

The jelly is available for food service in three flavours — strawberry, raspberry, and orange. While conventional jelly is prepared using a combination of boiling and cold water, Premier Foods’ vegan alternative only requires boiling water, making it simpler to prepare. The jelly sets within two hours and has been certified by the Vegan Society.

“McDougalls vegan jelly not only provides caterers and chefs with an inclusive dessert option, reducing the need for multiple products, but its sugar levels also make it suitable for schools in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales,” said Sarah Robb, Foodservice Marketing Manager at Premier Foods Foodservice. “Vegan jelly, being such a versatile ingredient, can be enjoyed on its own, topped or set with fruit, or incorporated into other desserts with other ingredients, such as Angel Delight.”

Plantastic pasta sauces
© Premier Foods/Plantastic


Premier Foods owns several major UK food brands, including Mr Kipling, Sharwood, Bisto, Oxo, Ambrosia, and Bird’s Custard. In 2019, the company launched a plant-based brand called Plantastic in response to “current consumer trends”, which initially offered a range of desserts, cakes, and soups.

Last year, the Plantastic range was expanded to include a selection of three pasta sauces in the flavours Tomato & Chargrilled Pepper, Spicy Cajun Tomato, and Caramelised Onion & Sweet Potato. Three varieties of plant-based protein pots were also introduced in 2022.

“We have created this range of unique sauces, which deliver creaminess without the use of dairy, to ensure that plant-based consumers don’t have to compromise on taste,” said Hong Sim, Brand Director for Plant-Based Food at Premier Foods, last year. “This new range aims to attract new customers into the cooking sauces category whilst offering a solution to those looking for plant-based products that will deliver on taste.”

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