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HFSS-Compliant Snack Brand Pri Bakes Continues to Expand in the UK & Internationally

In the UK, HFSS (high in fat, sugar, and salt) laws have recently been brought in to restrict the promotion of less healthy foods. Foods considered HFSS cannot be featured in prominent positions in stores, such as at checkouts and on aisle ends, and may also be banned from multi-buy deals in the future.

Pri Bakes was one of the first confectionery brands in the UK to become HFSS-compliant, after reformulating its products in 2022. This has boosted the company’s success, as retailers are increasingly looking to include compliant products in offers such as meal deals.

For example, health and beauty chain Boots has recently begun offering Pri Bakes’ Oaty Pie range — including Peanut Butter, Pecan Pie, and Cashew Butter flavours — as part of its meal deal and snack section across 70 stores nationwide. Pri Bakes has also secured listings at over 300 WH Smith high street stores.

The company is now set to begin its second funding round to help drive international expansion and food service growth. All Pri Bakes products are vegan and gluten-free, made with whole-food ingredients such as nuts and dried fruit.

Pri Bakes
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International expansion

Meanwhile, Pri Bakes continues to see success across the Middle East, launching at Lulus stores in Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia along with Kibsons and Grandiose stores in Dubai. This follows previous launches at Choithrams and Spinneys in Dubai, Tamimi and Danube in Saudi Arabia, and the Sultan Centre in Kuwait. The expansion comes amid rising interest in wellness in the region.

Pri Bakes has also expanded into the US, rolling out at 252 World Market stores, and has secured listings with two major food service distributors that will be announced in the coming months. Additionally, the brand has recently supplied companies such as META, Spotify, and QVC.

Last year, Pri Bakes was featured in a documentary on the UK’s Channel 4, and the brand will also be included in an upcoming episode of BBC podcast The Everyday Hustle.

“Pri Bakes is all about excitement and a positive outlook on life,” says the company on its website. “Every mouthful made happier and kinder with you and our planet in mind. A daily treat with a lot to dance about!”

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