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Veganz Launches Climate Friendly Organic Choc Bar Peanut Caramel

Veganz, based in Berlin, announces new product launch vegan Choc Bar Peanut Caramel, saying it has “successfully managed the technical challenge of creating creamy caramel without the need for butter”.

Veganz was founded as the first vegan supermarket chain in Europe and now produces a wide range of own-brand products encompassing biscuits and snacks, cheese alternatives, plant-based fish and seafood, vegan meat and sausages, and ready meals. In October of last year, the company announced its plans to go public, and in January of this year Veganz signed an exclusive agreement with global food service provider Aramark.

Throughout 2021 the company launched into Greek supermarket chain AB (Alfa-Beta) and rolled out its popular frozen pizzas into Woolworths Australia and Drakes Australia, having already become established as the most popular vegan frozen pizzas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

© Veganz

The new vegan chocolate bar is made entirely of organic ingredients and is free from palm oil. The company states that the bar contains more than double the protein of its non-vegan counterpart at 18 g, and contains one third less sugar.

The Choc Bar Peanut Caramel was given three stars in all four of the Veganz sustainability score categories (carbon footprint, water, animal welfare, and rainforest protection), with the score visible on its packaging to allow greater transparency on supermarket shelves. Additionally, the product packaging is fully recyclable.

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