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Alt Choc Pioneer WNWN Reveals Milk Chocolate Without Either Milk or Cocoa

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London-based WNWN Food Labs, the first to bring cocoa-free chocolate to market, today announces that its first “milk” chocolate products are in the pipeline.

“Rather than adding milk to our choc , our team looked at what really makes milk chocolate delicious”

WNWN’s milk chocolate is free from cocoa and dairy and features oats as well tiger nuts, sustainably sourced from Spain where they are known as chufas, traditionally used in the traditional Spanish drink Horchata. WNWN describes its milk chocolate as “sweeter and creamier than its dark counterpart, with notes of mocha, malt, and hazelnut, and a buttery finish”. 

WNWN bars
© WNWN Food Labs

Having raised $5.6 million (£4.5m) to bring its cocoa-free chocolate range to UK retail this February and then going on to create the “world’s first” cocoa-free chocolate Easter egg, WNWN now reports that it has successfully completed the recipe and process for a range of forthcoming “milk” chocolate products.

More ethical, just as delicious

The London-based food tech uses a proprietary fermentation process to create cocoa-free choc that tastes, melts, snaps, and bakes like conventional chocolate, using plant-based ingredients and avoiding the ethical and sustainability issues surrounding the production of traditional cocoa chocolate.

WNWN pastries
© WNWN Food Labs

“Rather than adding milk to our choc, our team looked at what really makes milk chocolate delicious, and worked with these new ingredients to evoke that creaminess,” said WNWN CTO Johnny Drain.

“Mass-market milk chocolate typically uses large amounts of milk powder and sugar to mask the flavour of poor-quality cocoa, and even though our plant-based, cocoa-free product has as much as 50% less sugar we’re confident it stands up to milk chocolate bars already on store shelves.” 

WNWN’s milk choc is now available for testing in various applications by CPG companies, restaurants, and other commercial organizations. 

Sign up for news about product releases: www.wnwnfoodlabs.com  

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