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YumEarth Launches Vegan & Allergy-Friendly Choco Yums

US brand YumEarth has launched Choco Yums, a new variety of dairy-free and allergy-friendly chocolate candies. The candies are made with Fair Trade cocoa and are available in three flavours — Chocolate, Crisped Quinoa, and Dark Chocolate Mint.

YumEarth has a focus on allergy-friendly products, and all its candies are free of the top nine allergens. Most are also vegan, as well as free of gluten, GMOs, and artificial colourings.

  “Choco Yums are a treat you can feel good safely sharing”

The brand plans to launch another new candy variety, Ultimate, over the summer. The line will feature the products Anti-oxidant Organic Pops, Elderberry Organic Pops, and Organic Ginger Lemon Chews.

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The market for vegan confectionery

A report published at the beginning of the year found that the worldwide vegan chocolate confectionery market would be worth $1 billion by 2027, growing with a CAGR of 12.3%. Another market report issued last week predicted even more rapid growth, adding that market players were increasingly exploring new plant-based ingredients.

“At YumEarth, we’re always innovating to create allergy-friendly twists on classic and beloved candies,” said Sasha Auguste, Head of Marketing at YumEarth. “Chocolate bites are a candy loved, and nostalgic, for many, so it was only natural for this to be our next iteration. We hope our Choco Yums help make life’s moments a little sweeter, simpler, and filled with joy. Most importantly, Choco Yums are a treat you can feel good safely sharing with friends and family.”



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