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Swiss Retail Giant Migros: New Brand V-Love Releases Plant-Based BBQ Range

On Monday, the Swiss Retail Giant Migros announced the launch of its own brand V-Love, which starts off with a plant-based BBQ range and is planned to develop into an all-encompassing brand for vegan products. In accordance with the brand name, every product will be marked by the European V-Label to ensure easy recognition.

migros v-love grillwurst

Besides two different plant-based sausages, the BBQ range also contains a plant-based burger patty. In total, the three all-new products have been developed and produced independently by Migros and expand the sizable range of vegan products offered by the retail giant. 

According to current figures published by Migros, the amount of certified V-Label products shall be around 680, of which over 500 are vegan. These numbers exclude vegan articles that are not advertised, such as rice, fruit or vegetables.

The V-Label reached the milestone of 30,000 certified products by the end of last year, which strengthens the label in its mission to offer an entry into the rapidly growing market of the future.

A reason for this development can be found in the growing sector of vegan and vegetarian products, which results in an increasing demand for plant-based products and an offer that meets long term needs. Within this sector, Migros is well positioned, as confirmed by Cristina Maurer Frank, the media spokesperson, who told vegconomist last July that “Migros customers get even more variety for their menu plan with the expansion of the range”


Due to the enormous product range of Migros, it is a hardly surprising fact that competitor’s products, such as the popular Beyond Burger, are also present in the assortment. Despite the strong sales of Beyond Meat in the plant-based food sector, Cristina Maurer Frank is convinced of the success of V-Love, as she stated in an interview with the Swiss news agency AWP: “Thanks to the introduction of a new brand, it is now possible to react faster to market developments in cooperation with our own industry. In addition, we are in the position to offer our customers a better selection of products.”

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