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Tesco Launches Vegan Sausage Roll

Vegan sausage rolls are currently trending in the UK, and Tesco – the UK’s biggest supermarket chain – has informed Plant Based News that it is launching its ready-to-eat vegan sausage rolls in 624 stores nationwide, from its in-store bakeries, on April 22nd.

Vegan sausage rolls have received a lot of press coverage in the UK from the beginning of this year, namely due to the success of the Greggs vegan sausage rolls launched during Veganuary, which is credited for boosting the company’s shares to an all-time high. The Greggs campaign was further fuelled by the actions from TV personality Piers Morgan, who reacted harshly on Twitter and pretended to vomit after eating one, on his daytime TV program, but the Greggs marketing team took it in their stride and used Mr Morgan’s negativity to their advantage. Greggs is the UK’s largest bakery chain.

The Tesco Meat Free Sausage Roll will retail for 75p, undercutting the Greggs version by 25p. The official product description says it is ‘puff pastry filled with a soy-based Lincolnshire style sausage, seasoned with sage and onion’.

The vegan sausage rolls from both brands seem remarkably similar to the original meat versions; this is a clear indicator that vegan trends are changing, as consumers today are looking for meat-free alternatives that taste and look like the meat versions.

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