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Tofurky Unable to Keep Up With Demand, New Plant-Based Turkeys Emerge

Tofurky has reported a huge spike in sales orders amounting to the company’s largest annual increase since 2015, stating to CNN Business that demand is so high that it needs to increase production but is limited this year due to staffing. Meanwhile new vegan turkeys are on the 2020 pre-holiday market including Prime Roots and Whole Foods.

Prime Roots has launched a vegan “whole bird” containing more protein than conventional turkey. It is high in fibre and fortified with vitamin B12. The turkey is made with koji, a type of fungus, and the company describes it as “plant-based turkey without compromise”.

Prime Roots has also created a range of other Thanksgiving products, including plant-based bacon and Brussels sprouts, umami gravy, garlicky mashed potatoes, and balsamic-glazed green beans with bacon. All products are available to order nationwide, and customers can choose between ordering individual items or bundles to feed several people.

Whole Foods has also launched a store-brand product called Meatless Plant-Based Roast. It is soy-based and comes with stuffing and gravy. The chain sells other vegan roast brands such as Field Roast too.

Aldi turkey
Aldi Earth Grown

Not to be outdone, Aldi has developed a vegan “Meatless Turkey Breast”, sold under the brand name Earth Grown. It is quick to prepare and contains 15g of protein.

Meanwhile, food company Archer Daniels Midland has announced it is working on vegan turkey lunch meat, though the product is still in its early stages.

“While the market is expanding beyond burger analogs to new and novel products, there are some challenges with plant-based turkey specifically,”  John Stephanian, ADM’s Vice President of Global Culinary & Innovation, told VegNews. “Replicating turkey’s unique flavor and texture remains a key challenge.”

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