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Tofurky Unveils Two Limited-Edition “Ugly Christmas Sweaters,” Proceeds Benefit Endangered Species’

Tofurky recently unveiled two limited-edition “ugly Christmas sweaters” to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Tofurky Turk’y Roast. The company’s purpose over profits initiative will donate 100% of the proceeds to benefit the conservation nonprofit, WildAid. 

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The sweaters are designed to spark conversation, make a point, and give back. A limited number of holiday sweaters will be available to purchase online in the US beginning December 3, in tandem with Giving Tuesday. 

Oregon-based Tofurky, the leading independent producer of plant-based protein, debuted the plant-based Turk’y in 1994 and raised its good-humored tongue-in-cheek voice as a meat-heavy nation poked fun at its tofu turkey alternative. Today, Tofurky hopes its good-natured limited-edition sweaters will bring joy to vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, environmental activists, and more nationwide while supporting a good cause and celebrating how far the plant-based industry and Tofurky Roast have come.

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“For Tofurky, nothing captures the holiday spirit quite like a festive party with family and friends, tasty food and funny holiday sweaters,” said Jaime Athos, president, and CEO of Tofurky. “We already had the delicious plant-based holiday foods covered—so, in keeping with the fun-loving and purpose-driven nature of the brand, we’ve designed two holiday sweaters that we think will continue our tradition of inspiring eye-rolls and open-mindedness at the dinner table while benefiting WildAid’s sustainable work.”

WildAid protects endangered species and their critical habitats by encouraging lifestyle habits that fight the effects of climate change, including eating less meat. The total donation to the conservation nonprofit is expected to exceed $10,000. 

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